• We promote and conduct research in economics and other related fields of learning.
  • We enhance knowledge and understanding in all branches of learning, with particular emphasis on social sciences, especially economics and to promote the study and discussion of national, regional and international issues in economics and other fields of learning like sociology, anthropology, political science, history, geography, education, literature, the arts and sciences and the dissemination of such knowledge, and to promote quality education and training in the social sciences, particularly economics at the universities and research and training institutes in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.
  • We advocate and promote these Primary Objects whether by itself or in association with others, both Sri Lanka and abroad, and to establish and develop reciprocal relations with kindred organizations anywhere in the world and to work in collaboration, cooperation or association with such organizations.
  • We give grants, endowments and scholarships for educational and training purposes, to make resources available for research into economic and social development and to encourage international cooperation for these purposes and to endow research and teaching professorships, fellowships, studentships and other academic positions at universities and other institutions in Sri Lanka in any fields of study, with particular emphasis on the social sciences, especially economics.
  • We give grants, gifts or donations to charities in the name of Dr. Gamani Corea's mother Mrs. Freda Corea.
  • We receive grants, gifts or donations in cash or kind whether from local or foreign sources to achieve these primary objects.