Grant Information


Refer to Research Themes page.



Collaborative research with established research institutions

PhD qualified academics and researchers

Other academics and researchers with a proven track record in research

Seed funding for PhD research (only at the research stage)

No overdue research reports from other research grants



Funding is provided in two Tiers.

Tier 1: Small grants not exceeding Rs… Evaluation is done by an expert panel.

Tier 2. Large grants not exceeding Rs… Evaluations is done by expert panels both internal and external.

The evaluation criteria include: Significance of the research, Potential breakthroughs, Technical competencies of the team, Potential impact and relevance to development topics, and the execution plan (cost effectiveness and value for money) of the research.



All research reports and publications emanating from the Grant must duly acknowledge the funding by the Foundation.



The application for research funding must contain the following information in the given order:

  1. Title of the project
  2. Key words (maximum of 6 to highlight cross disciplines)
  3. Abstract of the proposal (maximum of 350 words
  4. Project duration
  5. Research team

Principal Researcher or Coordinator (key contact person)


Institutional affiliation

Contact information

Educational qualifications

Research background in brief relevant to proposed research

Most noteworthy publications (max 5)

Co-researchers with the same information

  1. Project implementation schedule (execution plan)
  2. Project deliverables (this includes manpower training and publications)
  3. Other funding support for research, current and past for each researcher
  4. Research outcomes (in brief) from previous grants for each researcher
  5. Proposed budget with a detailed breakdown
  6. Declaration and signatures
  7. Attach

Detailed Research Proposal

CV of each researcher

Note: Where applicable, it is the full responsibility of the research team to obtain the required ethics approval and other research related approvals from the relevant authorities before the research grant account is activated.